At what moment in time does a person become a champion? Is it when the medal is hung around their neck? Is it when the final buzzer sounds? I believe that it is neither; a person becomes a champion when that first decision is made. The decision to be greater than what they are, the decision to do what must be done to accomplish what they want. The decision to not let the fear of the darkness around them freeze them in place, or the weight of the challenges of their circumstances hold them down. Every day we are surrounded by choices, thousands of choices that build into each day and tens of thousands more that build into each week, each month, and every year. Millions of choices that will define who we are. The pixels that come together to form the picture of our lives. Even when what you want seems impossible and the summit insurmountable, you have a choice, be a champion and achieve or let it break you. Let me teach you how I have learned to be a Champion. As a father, husband, two time medalist for the United States, personal trainer, and so much more, I did not allow my blindness to stop me from achieving. I want to teach you how to do the same with the challenges that you face.

Sand Piper Shores Elementary School Presentation

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